Camp Assistants find connection, fun and purpose

Bright Lights is very thankful for the teens who choose to share their energy, experience and enthusiasm to enrich camper experiences. Below are some comments from last year’s Camp Assistants about why Bright Lights is at the top of their list of places to volunteer.

First, they made connections.

  • “I adored all of the connections I made with the campers, and I loved getting to know other assistants my age who shared the same interests with me!”
  • “It was great getting to work with the teachers, other camp assistants and campers! I had a lot of fun and would highly recommend it to others!”

Second, they enjoyed learning while helping.

  • “I truly cherished my time working at Bright Lights because I got to experience one of my favorite camps while helping kids enjoy it too!”
  • “I enjoyed getting to help the campers and being a part of their Bright Lights experience.”

Third, they got experience.

  • “It was a fun way to gain more experience with kids that will help me in the future! “
  • “I absolutely loved working with the teacher and students. I wish to be a teacher, and this was an excellent opportunity.”

Fourth, they had fun.

  • “This summer was an absolute blast working with Bright Lights! I had so much fun getting to know the students.”
  • “No matter what camp you help in the overall environment is fun, caring and refreshing.”
  • “Everyone involved with the camp is nice, helpful and invested to make sure the kids have a great time.”

Fifth, they found purpose and grew.

  • “In my camp I was able to help students gain a stronger sense of intellectual ability while harnessing life skills such as patience and partnership. I loved being able to help my students grow and become better robotics students.”
  • “Working with kids was a lot of fun and being able to help run activities was something I really liked.”
  • “It made me feel more comfortable with being a leader and allowed me to grow in my communication skills, especially with younger kids.”
  • “It’s so fun getting to work with the kids, knowing that we were once in their shoes and that one day, they may be in ours. Trying to set a good example for them is part of what makes being an assistant so fun and enjoyable.”

We welcome former Bright Lights campers and anyone grade 8 and up who wants to connect, help and be part of a creative and fun environment.

Camp Assistant applications are still being accepted for Summer 2022. Choose your week, share your interests and we’ll match you up with a great camp experience! Apply today!