Funky Furniture

Grades Completed: 4-6

Camp #722: June 26-30, 2023, PM Camps (1pm-4pm)

Location:  Roper Elementary     

Fee: $10 Materials   

Start searching the thrift stores now for a piece of wooden furniture, then take that flea market trash and transform it into a fun, funky piece you’ll treasure for years to come. Use paint, metallic markers, polymer clay and mosaic to create designs everywhere! Please wear old clothing and shoes daily.

Bring your piece of furniture with you the first day of camp as you will spend the day sanding and priming. Furniture should be made of wood and easily fit through a classroom door. Items such as small dressers, desks, chairs, large mirror frames and tables would be appropriate.   

Taught by Kathy Stewart, Retired Elementary School Art Specialist  

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