Let’s Celebrate! Registration Opens March 5

The Superbowl. The Oscars. Paris Fashion Week. All pinnacle celebrations that highlight dedication and hard work. What does that have to do with Bright Lights? Well, our celebration occurs this Saturday, March 5 when camp registration opens at 8 AM. Months of work culminate in a schedule of nearly 100 camps, and we can’t wait to see which ones fill first. Here are a few reasons why a Bright Lights camp should be on your summer To Do list.

Teachers: The majority of our camps are taught by certified teachers, and those that aren’t teachers are experts in their field. Our teachers bring subject-matter knowledge and a passion for learning that you can’t find anywhere else. That passion is passed on to the students who come home excited to share what experiences they had throughout the day.

Experience: This summer marks our 36th year for Bright Lights! That’s a lot of camps and students over the years. We pride ourselves on establishing a safe, friendly and motivating environment that helps students be successful. We essentially operate a school for five weeks out of the summer, and we learn something new every year.

Variety: There’s something for everyone. Whether your student enjoys cooking, music, animals or science, we have something that will spark their interest. We have 30 new camps this year, and we’re constantly refining and developing our curriculum to be fresh, fun and challenging.

Visit BrightLights.org to view the camp schedule and descriptions (listed by week and by grade) and prepare your camp list for easy registration on March 5.