Actions Today Benefit Tomorrow

by Renee Ford

I am old-school and continue to write a family Christmas letter each year. And I actually have a binder where I keep all (most?) of my past Christmas letters. Did we skip a year or lose the letter? Who can know. The craziness of having two young children and a military deployment most likely threw off our schedule for a couple of years. But, for the most part, the years are all there, beginning in 1995. I know what you’re thinking … how did I write family Christmas updates when I was only 2 years old? I was a very bright child … or, I’m old enough to still think writing a Christmas letter and mailing a card are important. Reading the letters in that binder brings me so much joy, although I doubt that 20-something me could know how much 50-something me would enjoy the walk down memory lane. 

What does any of this have to do with Bright Lights? I guess it’s the idea that we don’t always know how our actions and choices will impact “future us,” but when they lead to good outcomes, we are so grateful. For example, making a donationto Bright Lights might not impact you or a loved one today, but it will carry our organization forward so we can reach future students with our hands-on style of learning and summer fun. And, if you’re looking for a way to contribute that will have an immediate impact, please consider purchasing a gift certificateto give to a child to use toward any of our Summer 2024 camps (schedule will be posted in February, with registration opening March 2). 

We hope you and your family enjoy time together this holiday season, whether it’s making new memories or walking down memory lane. From Bright Lights to you, have a safe, happy and memorable holiday.