Maps and Directions

Registration is now open for our Summer 2024 camps!

Have students taking Bright Lights camps in different locations?

Please drop off all students taking camps at our main site Roper Elementary first (up to 15 minutes before their camp is scheduled to start) and then proceed to the community site. For pick-up, please pick up your student at the community site first and then proceed to pick up at Roper. 

Main Site: Roper Elementary

Roper Elementary School (2323 S. Coddington Ave)

Students enter at door #18. Students are dismissed at door #16.

Traffic Flow info

  • Use the NW loop for student drop-off.
  • Park along the NW loop for student pick-up.
  • Do not double park in loop or wait in the driving lane. You may need to pass through the loop more than once before finding a parking space.
  • Pull to curb before allowing students out of or into the car.
  • Do not encourage students to pass between cars.
  • Staggered dismissal: Younger campers will come out 10 minutes early.

Community Sites and Field Trip Locations