Breakout Challenge

Grades Completed: 4-5

Camp #622: June 26-30, 2023, AM Camps (9am-12pm)

Location: Roper Elementary School  

Do you like to solve puzzles, ciphers, codes and combinations? Then this class is for you! Breakout boxes take the appeal of the “escape room,” –a recreational team sport in which a group of people use their wits to break out of a locked room– and turn it inside out. Instead of a locked room, teams within a classroom must figure out how to get inside a tightly locked box using math, tech and language arts skills. The focus of the camp will be critical thinking, teamwork, leadership and problem-solving skills.   

Taught by Shelley Clayburn, Retired LPS Teacher and UNL Student Teacher Supervisor, and Annie Leaf, Scott Middle School Instructional Coordinator  

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