Engineering Day Camp*

Grades Completed: 6-8

Camp #800: July 10-14, 2023, Full Day Camps (9am-4pm)

Location: UNL City Campus (Engineering College)/UNL East Campus/The Career Academy at SCC     

Fee: $20 Facilities   

In the laboratories and classrooms on the UNL campus and The Career Academy at Southeast Community College, learn about engineering and the design process used to define and solve problems to improve your world. You will be introduced to the Engineering Grand Challenges and various disciplines of engineering through special presentations and activities by College of Engineering faculty, students and staff. Field trips will allow you to meet engineers as we tour multiple facilities near UNL’s campus. Drop off and pick up will vary based on the day’s activities, taking place at UNL City Campus, East Campus and The Career Academy. Parents will be responsible for student drop off and pick up at one of these sites each day. The exact schedule and daily locations will be shared with participants the week before camp begins. Please wear close-toed shoes each day. Join us to experience challenging activities and learn how engineering impacts the health, happiness and safety of your world!   

Taught by UNL Faculty; Travis Ray, Engineering Instructor at The Career Academy; Kristin Page, Dawes Middle School Teacher; Amanda Woodward, North Star High School Teacher 

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