International: Save Our City: Designing Solutions for Impacts of Climate Change* – NEW

Grades Completed: 6, 7, 8

Camp #320: June 10-14, 2024, AM Camps (9am-12pm)

Location: Lux Middle School 

What would you do if your house was at risk of being swallowed by a sinkhole?  Do you know how to purify water and make it safe to drink?  How will you be impacted by melting icebergs or glaciers?  Can your team use solar panels to pump water in the most efficient way?  Why does healthy soil keep water clean?  Through science experiments and engineering practices, you will be able to determine the cause and design a solution to real-world problems caused by our changing climate.  Activities include building resilient homes, purifying water, solving the mystery of different types of water and building the most efficient solar fountain.  

This camp is part of Bright Lights International Week.  

*On Monday, June 10, please arrive at Lux Middle School at 8 AM for an orientation meeting and to greet the Japanese students when they arrive.   

Taught by Burke Morrow, Retired Teacher 


Sponsored by Monolith.

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