International: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse with “Brainz”*

Grades Completed: 6, 7, 8

Camp #318: June 10-14, 2024, AM Camps (9am-12pm)

Location: Lux Middle School     

Determine if you have what it takes to survive a Zombie Apocalypse through physics! Could you build a bridge structure that would get you safely from one city to the next, or make a Launch Capsule that would deliver reinforcements to your fellow humans? Study, build and test Super Slingers for protection and Water Rockets for the ultimate escape in order to survive the attack of the Zombies! Will you be able to survive the Zombie mayhem? Please bring a two-liter plastic bottle to camp.   

This camp is part of Bright Lights International Week.  

*On Monday, June 10, please arrive at Lux Middle School at 8 AM for an orientation meeting and to greet the Japanese students when they arrive.   

Taught by Shelley Clayburn, Retired Teacher and UNL Student Teacher Supervisor; Neal Clayburn, Former Associate Director of NSEA; Nick Clayburn, Adjunct Math Professor at Nebraska Wesleyan and UNL  

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