Donor Spotlight: The Acklie Charitable Foundation

by Megan Ockander

As a loyal Bright Lights donor, Acklie Charitable Foundation has been partnering with us for over 27 years. We are so thankful for their continued sponsorship. We wanted to gather some history and find out why they continue to support Bright Lights. Here’s what Halley Kruse, Vice President and Director at Acklie Charitable Fund, shared with us.

How did you originally get involved with Bright Lights?

Acklie Charitable Foundation (“ACF”) was originally motivated to support Bright Lights because of Barb Hoppe [Bright Lights co-founder]. Many of the ACF board members knew Barb and they were impressed by her passion for children’s education and believed in the strength of the summer learning program she and her co-founders put together.

In what ways do you support Bright Lights?

In recent years, ACF has provided support for Bright Lights scholarships. It is important to ACF that enriching summer learning like Bright Lights is available to all Lincoln students, and ACF is glad help Bright Lights spark an excitement for learning in more youth.

Why does Acklie Charitable Foundation continue to support Bright Lights?

ACF continues to support Bright Lights because of the amazing opportunities it offers to Lincoln’s youth each summer. Bright Lights makes summer learning fun! Bright Lights gives kids an opportunity to build on concepts they learned during the school year and takes those concepts out of the classroom and beyond the pages of a textbook and into a hands-on experience. This model of summer learning not only helps students retain what they’ve learned, but it can also spark children’s interests for learning.