Find the Fun in Teaching

by Renee Ford

It’s my favorite time of year! Pumpkins are appearing, flannel shirts are hanging in the closet and at Bright Lights we are thinking about… summer!

Let’s face it, we’re always thinking about summer because that’s when we offer our camps. This time of the year is truly the beginning of our season, as we recruit teachers who are going to make those camps come to life. The Bright Lights program owes much of its success to these creative, capable and committed teachers who choose topics that are of high interest to them, and then channel that knowledge and passion into half-day or full-day experiences for students.

What’s involved in being a Bright Lights teacher?

In one word – FUN! You teach a subject that interests you and allows a “deep dive” for students to gain hands-on experiences. Some teachers have an idea for a new camp when applying, while others prefer to teach an existing camp and incorporate their own knowledge and enthusiasm into the subject. Either way, we’ll work with you to create a high-interest camp that makes you happy to teach and attract students with similar interests.

Do I have to be a teacher to apply?

While many of our teachers work within school settings, we don’t require certification. We have many instructors who are members of the community and have a skill to share or are retired professionals looking to inspire the next generation. We’re looking for people who like to work with students in grades K-8 (you usually get to pick the level), are passionate about a topic and can provide challenging and fun activities in the classroom. You can request which week you teach based on your schedule, choosing a half-day morning (9:00 am-12:00 noon) or afternoon (1:00-4:00 pm) time slot. You can even co-teach with a friend!

Is there training?

Yes! We have many resources to help you prepare to teach and answer questions along the way. We offer on-site training in April, along with several online opportunities, focused on specific Bright Lights topics and protocols.

Is this a volunteer position?

No! You’re paid to teach each half-day or full-day camp, with compensation ranging from $435-$485 per half-day camp, based on the number of enrolled students. There are bonuses available after you’ve taught Bright Lights for one year, plus we pay for materials and supplies.

Here’s what one of our teachers had to say about her experience this summer: “It was so much fun to teach something I’m passionate about and to share that passion with others. I can’t wait to teach again next year!”

Registration is now open!

Are you interested in adding this experience to your summer in 2023? Online teacher registration is now open – just visit our website and click on Apply Now. You’ll complete a form and be contacted to schedule an interview.

We hope you—like our students—will try something new this summer and check out what Bright Lights has to offer!