Gifting Towards a Brighter Future

by Megan Ockander

“Thank you for providing opportunities to youth that would not otherwise have them. You make a difference, whether you see it directly or not– the effects are generational. When children and families are engaged, involved, supported and encouraged, our entire community wins.” 

In our 36 summers serving the Lincoln community, Bright Lights has seen and heard about the generational legacy of our organization. Students who become teachers. Teachers who become board members. Camp Assistants who become parents of campers. The list goes on and on, proving Bright Lights has become a tradition deeply rooted in the lives of those we have reached over the generations. 

And we want to be sustainable. We want to be around for another 36+ summers! 

As we look forward to Summer 2023, we know your support will only continue to propel us forward to the next generation. Donations to Bright Lights not only enhance the unique camp experience we provide students but also allow us to reach more students and for our organization to continue to adapt and grow to better serve them. 

Bright Lights has grown and changed over the last three and a half decades and it’s because of your continued support that we know we will be around for future generations. We are currently working on new and stimulating camp themes and curriculum for the summer, plus planning some great family-friendly events (watch for more info!). And we know that YOU– our Bright Lights families– will be there with us for all the fun and learning.  

To learn more about how you can support our program as an individual or a corporate sponsor, please visit today.