Our gift to you: New camps!

by Renee Ford

Gift giving is tricky. On one hand, you want to get the recipient something he or she will love and be excited to receive. On the other, sometimes getting a surprise is even better, and the person who receives the gift is delighted to get something they never knew they needed. 

I view our camp schedule like gift giving. We work hard to find topics that will appeal to students, and once we release the schedule on our website it’s like waiting for someone to open a gift. Will they like it? Will it fit? Are they excited? 

Well, the 2023 camp schedule is posted and now we wait to find out if families are excited about the “gifts” we are offering. Descriptions will be posted on our website soon so you can begin to make a list of camps to register for on March 4. Until then, here’s a preview of some new camps being offered: 

Dance Your Socks Off: This camp is offered to students in grades K-2 and will take place June 5-9. It is the result of a partnership with LUXE Dance Academy, home of National Clogging Champions. Students will learn the unique rhythms of clogging, powerful beats of hip hop, and energetic motions of pom all under one roof! A second camp from LUXE Dance Academy, Dance It Out, will feature the same curriculum, but be tailored to students in grades 3-5 and take place June 12-16. 

Chocolate Extravaganza: Need we say more than “chocolate” to pique your interest? Participants will enjoy a chocolate tasting experience and learn all about chocolate harvesting, the making process, and different ways to use the same ingredients to make different kinds of chocolate goodies. This camp is open to students in grades 6-8 and takes place June 19-23. 

Once Upon a STEM Project: What happens when you marry an engineering or problem-solving picture book with a STEM project? You get this fun camp, crated for students in grades 3-5. Some possible texts and projects might include creating a flying machine after reading Rosie Revere Engineer or executing an egg drop after reading After the Fall. This camp will be offered June 26-30. 

It’s All Fun and Games: The title says it all – participants in grades 5-7 will learn and play board games, deck building games, and cooperative games like Ticket to Ride, Azul, Star Realms, Cascadia, Forbidden Island, and King of Tokyo. These dice, cooperative, asset allocation, and deck building games will help you design your own game to be shared at the end of the week! This camp will be offered July 10-14. 

Be sure to visit www.BrightLights.org to view the schedule and to make a wish list to be prepared for registration on March 4. We can’t wait to see you this summer!