Go International with Us!

by Renee Ford

For one special week each summer, Bright Lights goes international! Camps during this particular week are attended by Nebraska middle school students (grades 6-8) and also by students visiting from Senshu Matsudo University Junior High School, a private middle school in a suburb of Tokyo. 

Bright Lights began its international exchange program with Senshu Matsudo University Junior High School in 2002. The Bright Lights camps during International Week are specially selected to encourage a natural cultural exchange through activities, science experiments and fine arts projects. This exchange provides a unique educational and cultural experience, builds friendships and fosters a better understanding of the world.

Parents see value in the cultural exchange and memories created.  

“The Sew Fun International camp exceeded all of our expectations. It was great to have our daughter experience a camp with students her age from a different country. What she learned and got to do this week will leave long-lasting memories.”  

Coordinated by Barb Highstreet, who traveled to Japan as part of a Fulbright teacher exchange program, Nebraska students will have an unparalleled international experience without leaving Lincoln.   

“The Japanese and American students are given opportunities to not only work together in a fun, educational setting, but the week’s activities also help them find common likes, skills and connections which builds friendships and fosters an understanding of people from another culture,” Highstreet said.  

Approximately 65 Japanese students and 75 Nebraska middle school students will attend camps together June 10-14, 2024, from 9 AM – 12 PM at Lux Middle School, 7800 High Street. Students can register for these camps beginning March 2 at 8 AM. Further information about the specific camp offerings and schedule information can be found by visiting our website and focusing on camps during Week 2 with “International” in the title. You can also view a video about the program on our YouTube channel.