Ignite. Inspire. Engage

by Megan Ockander

Bright Lights is not just any summer camp; it’s a hub of learning, inspiration and personal growth. Our camps go beyond traditional education, focusing on a hands-on approach to learning that nurtures creativity, critical thinking and leadership skills.

Every summer, we host a diverse range of STEAM-based camps providing an enriching experience for students in grades K-8th. Your support enables us to host camps, provide scholarships and foster a learning environment where students can thrive. Camp sponsors are the backbone of our non-profit. You provide financial support for teacher salaries, camp supplies, classroom rentals and more—all vital to ensuring we can continue providing camps for generations of new and returning students. 

Why be a Camp Sponsor?  

  • Ignite: Investing in education today can lead to a talented workforce tomorrow. By supporting Bright Lights, you help create a pipeline of skilled, motivated and innovative individuals who may become valuable assets to your company in the future.  
  • Inspire: You directly contribute to the development of future leaders, innovators and problem solvers. Your support enables students to explore their interests and passions in a supportive and inspiring environment.  
  • Engage: Align yourself with a noble cause – education. Sponsoring a camp at Bright Lights showcases your commitment to fostering youth development and education in the community.  

Get Involved Today

By sponsoring a camp at Bright Lights, you can support young minds, helping them discover their passions and talents.  To learn more about camp sponsorship, or donating at any level, visit our website. There you can find the donation level that works best for you and make your donation right online.  

Need a package more tailored? Please contact Megan Ockander, our Development Specialist, at mockander@BrightLights.org or 402-420-1115 ext 42. If you would like to sponsor a certain camp or camp topic, just let us know, otherwise we can pick one out for you.   

Together we can illuminate the path to a bright future in STEAM education for students in Lincoln.