In the Blink of an Eye 

by Renee Ford

Have you ever noticed that the things we prepare the most for seem to go by the fastest? We celebrated my daughter’s wedding earlier this spring, and months of planning went by in a flash – one minute we were saying “yes to the dress,” the next we were loading the car with gifts and decorations from the reception.

I feel the same way about our summer programming. We spend 10 months planning and preparing for two months – which really works out to five weeks, or 25 days – of camps, and it goes by in the blink of an eye.

Now don’t get me wrong – while I’m in the thick of it, it can sometimes feel like forever. But, for the most part, it feels like the unpacking and packing are literally a day apart.

But here’s the thing. I know that the time students spend at a Bright Light camp can have a lasting impact, far beyond the one-week experience, even when it seems to go so quickly. A parent shared this comment in a recent survey: “My children loved Bright Lights so much this year. My youngest even cried because he was so sad it was his last day.”

We interacted with nearly 1,000 students this summer and watched them develop friendships and interests while engaging in hands-on activities in 97 camps that sparked creativity and interest. And parents who remember enjoying Bright Lights camps now bring their own children: “We came from out of state for my daughter to attend 2 camps this week. I had attended as a kid and now that she’s old enough to participate. It looked like a great way for her to learn, grow and have fun!”

We are eagerly planning for Summer 2023. And while I don’t want to wish away the next nine months, I know it’s going to fly. Be sure to watch for an announcement regarding our camp dates, plus subscribe to our monthly eNewsletter to make sure you don’t miss any Bright Lights news.