More of What’s New in 2022

“The goal of education is not to increase the amount of knowledge but to create the possibilities for a child to invent and discover, to create [people] who are capable of doing new things.” –Jean Piaget

What better way to encourage children to invent and discover this summer than by registering for some Bright Lights camps? Below are a few new in 2022 titles that are sure to be a hit:

Dollar Tree and Crafty Me: Students in grades 4-6 will take simple $1 items and combine them to create jewelry, decorations and even desk organizers. You might even have most of your Christmas gifts finished by the end of the week! Look for camp #120 during June 6-10.

Roll On: Skating and More: Did someone say get off the couch and do something? Camp #502 (June 20-24) will keep the good times rolling on eight wheels as students in grades 4-7 learn to roller skate and play various roller sports like derby and dance skating. Experience is not required, just an openness to trying new things. This camp will be held at the Lincoln Sports Foundation and taught by Good Life Skate Center instructors.

Get Zany with Unicorns: Didn’t we have you at “unicorn?” Find your favorite K-2 students and give them the opportunity to dive into all things magical and fun as they learn and play with local children’s book author Nichole Hansen. She will share her book, “Zany Can Do Anything,” which celebrates the idea that through hard work and being yourself, anything is possible. Find camp #604 during June 27-July 1.

Become a Boss Kid: Do you have a budding entrepreneur in the family? Someone who loves watching television shows where products and ideas are pitched to investors? Then camp #816 (July 11-15) for students in grades 3-5 and camp #718 (June 27-July 1) for grades 6-8 is just what you’re looking for! Activities will focus on taking a business idea from an exciting concept to a written plan, and then using that plan to pitch the idea to others. Local business owners will come in to share their experiences and advice.

Visit to see our entire five-week schedule and read descriptions for these and many more camps. And circle March 5 on your calendar – registration opens online at 8 AM!

Keep an eye out for more sneak peeks and new camp features in future blogs and social media posts!