Pick a Category, Find a Camp

One of the best things about Bright Lights camps is the variety of topics offered. But, having so many choices can also be overwhelming. So we’ve put together a list of available Summer 2024 camps by category! We hope this helps you/your student narrow down all our great camp options into one or two camps that capture their imagination.  

Active: If your student has a little extra energy to burn, the following camps will provide some good exercise and an opportunity to learn some new skills. 

#618 Let’s Move It, Move It: Sit-ups, planks and pliés, oh my! Campers in grades 3-5 will do these things and more as they explore the fun and energetic world of exercise and nutrition. Activities will include dance, yoga, cardio, strength training and mindfulness techniques. Students will also have fun learning about awesome places around the globe where you can go on amazing mountain hikes, snorkel with sea turtles and bike over landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge.  

#826 Skateboarding Basics: Our partners at The Bay offer encouragement and fundamental skills to students in grades 6-8 who want to skateboard. Whether you’re comfortable or new to skateboarding, this is the place you want to learn and grow. No prior experience is necessary, and all equipment is provided. This camp is also offered to students in grades 3-5 as camp # 122. 

#808 Dance Your Socks Off: Join LUXE Dance Academy, home of National Clogging Champions, to learn the unique rhythms of clogging, powerful beats of hip-hop and energetic motions of pom all under one roof! Participants in grades K-2 will show off the week’s accomplishments and skills to family and friends at the end of the week with a fun performance. Beginners are welcome! 

Animals: Does your student love animals? We have some great options for them to learn more about them and how they live. 

#108 Reptiles Rock: Students in grades 1 and 2 can come slither, swim, creep and crawl with amazing reptiles. Learn how they change colors, walk on water, bask, hiss and spit. Discover cool pit vipers, sea turtles and Komodo dragons. This is an oldie but a goody at Bright Lights, taught by one of our Teacher of the Year recipients who creates amazing hands-on opportunities. If the morning session doesn’t work with your schedule, there is an afternoon option also available as camp #208. 

#120 Go Wild: Design Your Own Zoo: Designed for students in grades 3-5, this camp challenges students to consider what goes into creating an attraction like a zoo – what animals to include and why, how the zoo should be laid out to provide the best customer experience but also keep animals happy and safe, and many other decisions that affect the design of a zoo. Critical thinking skills are front and center in this camp, plus students will have an awesome product to share with guests during the final day’s open house. 

#400 Safari Adventures: This camp is a fun way to introduce students in grades K-1 to the habitats and animals found in Africa. Coupled with fun and engaging crafts and an energetic teacher, Safari Adventures is a great first experience for students who haven’t ever participated in Bright Lights before. 

Art: Do you have a creative student? Do you love their creations but could do without the mess at home? Then these art camps may be the perfect fit: 

#132 Scrapbooking Stories: Yes, everything today is on our phones and in some digital format. Why would your student want to make a scrapbook? Because it’s probably something they’ve never done before, and when the camp’s finished, they’ll have the start of a beautiful book filled with memories about whatever they choose – a fun family vacation, an amazing concert or a snapshot of the school year. It can be whatever they want, with the added bonus of creating with like-minded students and having a variety of supplies at their fingertips. This camp is for students in grades 4-6.  

#608 Superhero Art & Science: This new camp is for students in grades 1 and 2 and will examine a variety of superheroes through the lenses of art and science. Each day will have a superhero theme that guides students to find where the scientific method and creative process intersect through hands-on activities.   

#718 Craft College: Campers will be surrounded by inspiration when taking this camp at Makit Takit: Lincoln’s Craft Studio. Campers in grades 6-8 will work with acrylic pour projects, create keepsakes using different crafting techniques, and explore specific projects that interest them. 

#802 Fashion 101 Day Camp: This is a new full day camp offered with our partners at The Bay. During the week, campers in grades 6-8 will work as a team to create two up-cycled pieces and photograph their work to design a magazine-style lookbook. Campers will learn how to use a sewing machine to transform clothing, how to use photography as a tool to capture designs and how to design their own photo lookbook.   

We hope this round-up of camps is a good resource to identify some areas of interest and related camps for your student. Registration is open until a week before the camp begins, and you can view our entire schedule of available camps on our website.  

TIP: Click the “register” button at BrightLights.org to get a list of just our available camps. You can even sort it by grade and/or week the camp takes place!