Safety Adds to Summer Fun

Safety is always a top priority at Bright Lights summer camps. We believe students and teachers should enjoy engaging learning opportunities in a safe and secure environment, and we work throughout the year to make that happen.  

We have a comprehensive safety plan in place as well as a standard response protocol for emergencies. Even our fun, colored t-shirts provide a level of safety, as different positions in our program wear different colors: administrative staff wear orange, teachers wear blue and our Camp Assistants wear green.   

Here are some additional steps we take to make sure our camp sites are safe places for students to learn:  

  • Bright Lights staff located at Roper Elementary and Lux Middle School carry 2-way radios to aid in the communication process. 
  • Members of the Bright Lights admin staff have current CPR and first aid training. 
  • Teachers receive safety updates during our annual training.
  • Teachers must pass an initial background check before being considered for a summer position. 
  • All volunteer Classroom Assistants receive safety training, and those over 19 must also pass a background check. 
  • The emergency routes out of the building are reviewed and practiced with the students on the first day of their camp. 
  • Each teacher has an emergency folder containing parent information should the camp have to leave the classroom during an emergency and reunite elsewhere. 
  • All visitors must check-in using a photo ID at the Secure Entrance Monitor (SEM) desk when entering Roper and Lux. 
  •  If a student is absent, a phone call is made to the primary number listed on the registration to make sure the absence is known and the student is safe. 
  • Adult supervision is provided at arrival and dismissal, in the classroom and hallways, during lunch and on the playground. 
  • Health support is provided at Roper Elementary by a nurse during the three primary program weeks to support students as needed. 

We put these safety measures in place so that our teachers and students can focus on learning and having fun, and so our families feel confident leaving their students in our care. This is just one more reason why Bright Lights is an excellent choice for a summer activity. Go to Bright and click “Register” to view our available camps!