Shared Experiences Create Joy

by Renee Ford
Share Joy

Our excitement for the holiday season changes as we get older. As a child, I anticipated a visit from Santa and gifts under the tree. As a teenager, I was eager for a long holiday vacation and time spent with friends. As a mom, I enjoyed creating holiday traditions for my own family. And now as I look at my grown children creating their own traditions with friends and family, I realize that one thing remains the same regardless of your season of life – there is joy in shared experiences. 

Offering hands-on educational experiences is one of our main tenets at Bright Lights. And students love coming to different Bright Lights camps because they get to share that passion and interest with peers. I love visiting our Pokémon camp and listening to the students list the strengths and weaknesses of each Pokémon type. While it’s a foreign language to me, their heads are nodding and fingers are flying through books to share facts and opinions with the person across the desk. Their shared love of all things Pokémon makes it a memorable and fun experience. 

Even though winter will arrive soon, and thoughts of summer seem so very far away, we are already planning camps for the 2023 season. I hope you will consider giving the experience of attending a camp by purchasing a gift certificate for someone special in your family or making plans to invite cousins/neighbors/friends to carpool to a camp this summer. You can visit our website to purchase a gift certificate now, and come back in February to see the 2023 schedule. 

This holiday season I wish you the joy of many shared experiences with family and friends, and I hope you’ll consider making Bright Lights part of your summer plans. From Bright Lights to you, have a safe, happy and memorable holiday.