Should middle school students take summer camps?

As parents, we are often actively involved in finding academic and social activities for our elementary-aged students. But what happens once those students enter middle school? It seems the door opens to a dizzying array of after-school clubs, sports and extracurricular opportunities. So, when summer rolls around you might not feel the need to find activities for your middle schooler. However, summer is actually the perfect time to find an opportunity for your teen to meet new people and investigate a new hobby with minimal commitment – and Bright Lights has just the camps to help!

Bright Lights camps can easily fit into your schedule, as most camps run for three hours either in the morning or in the afternoon, Monday through Friday. During those 15 hours your teen is supervised, challenged with hands-on activities and surrounded by peers with similar interests. Learning a new skill can boost your student’s self-esteem and confidence, and possibly even lead to the discovery of a new hobby or desire to learn more on the topic when school resumes.

Having a planned activity during the day can also help students decrease screen time and engage in a variety of activities. We offer camps that focus on art, photography, cooking, fishing, sewing, engineering and science, plus more! The following are popular camps for students in grades 6-8 that still have openings:

  • Songwriting with Strings, #228: This new camp will give students the chance to be creative with music composition and lyrics, plus learn the basics of guitar or ukulele as an accompaniment. This camp is perfect for someone who wants to explore their creative side in a judgment-free zone.
  • Genetic Engineering, #506: Taught by a Lincoln High International Baccalaureate program teacher, this camp dives into the topic of GMOs, or genetically modified organisms. Students will have hands-on experience in the classroom lab.
  • Outdoor Adventures, #310: Possibly the ultimate in non-screen activities, this camp gives students time at a working farm to explore the various jobs and machinery, and then spend time at Holmes Lake learning to fish – a hobby that can last a lifetime!
  • Sew Fun, #314: Beginners and experienced sewers alike are welcome in this camp, as basic pinning, pattern cutting, hand stitching and using a sewing machine are taught. You’ll learn a practical skill that can be refined in the future, or just gain a sense of accomplishment for trying something new.

To see our complete list of available camps, visit to register today. We hope to be part of your student’s active summer!