Teachers Make the Difference

by Renee Ford

Chips and salsa. Milk and cookies. Peanut butter and jelly. All things that are not quite the same without the other. You can add one more thing to the list – Bright Lights and its teachers! 

Our summer program is possible because we have people who are willing to teach a variety of topics for a week in the summer – sometimes multiple weeks – and are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and fun! Many of them are teachers “in real life,” but others are community members who want to share their expertise. We rely on our teachers to keep students engaged, learning and coming back summer after summer.  

Many of the comments from our post-camp surveys talk about the teacher a student had at camp and how the way they interacted with the student or made the experience memorable. To quote one of them, “Bright Lights is amazing! My children always leave sad because they miss the teacher and the other children because they have developed such a strong bond over the week.” Without our amazing teachers, I don’t think we’d have such a glowing comment.

So thank you to all of our past and present teachers who make Bright Lights what it is today – you will always be the Kermit to our Miss Piggy, the mac to our cheese, the bright to our light.