We Love Bright Lights!

by Lindsey Walsh

“Love.” This one seemingly simple word can evoke and mean so much. People love to hear it. And we love to share it. (Have you seen the post on social media from our board members over the last week? Check them out!) Here’s what families tell us they love about our program and our camps: 

  • “We loved our first year at Bright Lights! The staff were simply amazing and made the whole experience!”  
  • “My kids love Bright Lights and attend every year!”  
  • “My son absolutely loved his experience with the engineering full-day camp! Instead of coming home & getting on video games, he talked for six hours straight about the camp & all the different types of engineering.” 
  • “My kids LOVE Bright Lights! It gives them something fun and challenging to do during the summer. We will do camps until the girls age out, and then they will probably volunteer to help!” 

 Even our Camp Assistants say it! 

  • “I loved working at Bright Lights this summer! It was so much fun and gave me skills for working with kids.” 
  • “Bright Lights is a loving camp community! No matter the camp or location you walk in and the environment is immediately set. It is fun, warm and inviting! Kids leave with smiles and assistants leave with a need for a nap and plenty of hilarious stories. The camps are inclusive, well planned, and focused on making sure the kids have the best time while they are there!” 
  • “I had a lot of fun assisting the kids throughout the week. I loved seeing the progress being made with their projects from the start of the week to the end.” 

And of course, our beloved teachers. 

  • “I loved that the program itself was structured but that we as teachers had the freedom to design our own curriculum and to modify as we saw the need.” 
  • “I love sharing my hobby and interests with students.” 

 We would LOVE it if you would join us for a camp this summer. Registration begins on Saturday, March 4 at 8 AM at BrightLights.org! View this summer’s camp schedule on our website.