What’s New in 2022

When you look at our 2022 camp schedule you should notice the word “new” following many of our titles – 30, to be exact! While it’s fun to have our repeat, tried and true camps for all ages, I personally enjoy introducing new topics and seeing how those camps develop in the minds of our amazing teachers and in the hands of our eager students. Here are a few to check out:

Culinary Challenge: This is a series of five half-day camps conducted in partnership with Southeast Community College’s Culinary and Hospitality program. Students in grades 6-8 will explore different topics each week, ranging from baking bread to creating an Italian feast! Our previous cooking camps were so well received, we are thrilled to be able to offer more hands-on experiences. Look for these camps on the schedule: #226, #350, #504, #720 and #924.

Super Hero Science: Although students won’t leave this camp with super strength or the ability to fly, they will leave with the greatest superpowers of all… fun and learning! Each day, students in grades K-2 (one section for K-1, another for K-2) will examine the science behind a super hero’s special abilities. Look for these camps on the schedule: #702 and #808.

Mindful Moments: Find Your Happy: Learning to deal with stress in a positive way is a skill that can be developed at any age. This camp will help students in grades 3-5 find their calm through breathing, stretching, journaling and sharing circles. Art-based activities and a focus on “what works for you” will help students go with the flow and find their own Om in camp #710.

Ticket To: This series features two new camps, one which will focus on Latin America for students in grades 3-5, and another focusing on Asia for grades 1-3. Both camps will explore food, culture, folklore and traditions, and will be led by teachers who have traveled to the regions and have first-hand experience to share with students. Travel to Latin America in camp #712 and to Asia in camp #910.

Visit BrightLights.org to see our entire five-week schedule and read descriptions for these and many more camps. And circle March 5 on your calendar – registration opens online at 8 AM!

Keep an eye out for more sneak peeks and new camp features in future blogs and social media posts!