Camps Still Open for Summer Fun

by Renee Ford

Life seems to move faster after spring break. The days feel longer, but so does the to-do list. Spring cleaning. Pack winter clothes for next season. Find summer activities for the kids. 

Bright Lights can help you with one of those tasks – we have many camps still open to keep your students engaged and busy this summer. Here are a few of our favorites for Summer 2024: 

#108 Reptiles Rock: For students in grades 1 and 2, this camp is taught by one of our standout teachers, a person who makes the camp engaging with daily guests (human and reptile), loads of information and a bright and fun atmosphere. Reptiles Rock is for any student who is curious about reptiles but also excited to learn in a supportive atmosphere. This camp is also offered in the afternoon as camp #208. 

#132 Scrapbooking Stories: Yes, everything today is on our phones and in some digital format. Why would your student want to make a scrapbook? Because it’s probably something they’ve never done before, and when the camp’s finished, they’ll have the start of a beautiful book filled with memories about whatever they choose – a fun family vacation, an amazing concert or a snapshot of the school year. It can be whatever they want, with the added bonus of creating with like-minded students and having a variety of supplies at their fingertips. This camp is for students in grades 4-6. 

#220 Story Seekers: Breaking news! Bright Lights reporters are wanted to do some investigative journalism in this camp for students in grades 3-5. Go beyond the who, what, where and why (and of course how) as you learn communication tips from a UNL communications major. This camp will focus on how to ask questions, why listening is key and how to write a story that leaves the reader wanting more. 

#312 Extreme Dissecting and Animal Study: Students in grades 6-8 will have hands-on experience dissecting a variety of creatures under the direction of a Southwest High School science teacher. No worries about being squeamish – you’ll be paired with a partner, and there is plenty of assistance if needed. This camp is part of our International Week, which means participants learn and alongside students visiting from Japan. Additional activities throughout the week will give participants the chance to bond and experience a different cultural perspective. Many students who participated in this program in the past have remained pen pals with their Japanese friends. 

#320 Save Our City: Designing Solutions for Impacts of Climate Change: This camp is full of hands-on activities that will try to counteract the impacts of climate change. Dirty water? Learn how to purify it and make it safe to drink. No electricity? Learn how to build and use solar panels to get jobs done. Students in grades 6-8 will question, examine and design solutions for a variety of challenges that our world is currently experiencing. This camp is also part of our International Week offering, and will have the added perspective of the Japanese students. 

#400 Safari Adventures: This is a favorite of Bright Lights families, having been offered for many years. Students in grades K-1 get to immerse themselves in the savannas, deserts and rainforests of Africa, learning about the continent’s animals, land, music and art in the comfort of a classroom in Nebraska. 

#406 Kindness Connections: This camp is new and will ask students in grades 3-5 to focus on compassion, empathy and acts of kindness. How much better could our world be if we all took a moment to consider the needs of others? Participants will engage in acts of service to better the community and make action plans to continue making a difference beyond camp. 

#502 Fitness and Food for Kids: In partnership with the UNL Recreation and Wellness Center, this camp helps students in grades 3-5 identify ways to be fit and how to support that healthy choice with food that fuels the body plus tastes good! Don’t be scared of the exercise – it’s just one part of this healthy journey that can have a positive effect on future choices. 

#608 Superhero Art & Science: This new camp is for students in grades 1 and 2 and will examine a variety of superheroes through the lenses of art and science. Each day will have a superhero theme that guides students to find where the scientific method and creative process intersect through hands-on activities.  

#706 Adventures in Fairyland: Get ready for a week full of imagination! Students in grades 1-3 can satisfy all of their fairy fantasies by taking this camp and creating crafts, stories, costumes and gardens. Students will be inspired to be creative and work collaboratively, having a week full of fun with other fairy-loving friends. 

#826 Skateboarding Basics: Our partners at The Bay offer encouragement and fundamental skills to students in grades 6-8 who want to skateboard. Whether you’re comfortable or new to skateboarding, this is the place you want to learn and grow. No prior experience is necessary, and all equipment is provided.  

To view our camp schedule visit our website and search by week or grade to find the perfect fit for your student’s summer fun.