Staff Share Their Favorites

We have adults tell us all the time– “I wish I could take that camp!” Well, we think the same thing. Here are some current favorites from our staff: 

Camp #316, Outdoor Adventures— “My son took this camp and had the best time. And besides all the fun activities they got to do as part of the camp, he became friends some of the students from Japan that he continued being pen pals with!” –Lindsey W., marketing specialist  

Camp #630, Culinary Challenge: Baking Bread— “This would be my pick because I LOVE making homemade bread for my family—there’s something so comforting about creating a leaven (which is beautiful chemistry in itself!), adding flour, water and salt and ending up with a warm, crusty loaf of bread. Bread making is such a cool combination of therapeutic mindfulness and science, all of which are great skills for students and adults to fine tune… and bringing home all the fresh-baked goodies is a huge perk!” –Megan, development specialist 

Camp #304, Dance It Out!— “I’ve always wanted to learn clogging and combine my Irish heritage with my love of dance. So “Dance It Out!”, a new clogging camp hosted by LUXE Dance Academy, sounds like just my style. I don’t think the tap shoes I donned when I was 8 will still fit though!” — Jodi, camp assistant specialist 

Camp #722, Funky Furniture— “I love seeing this camp each summer—I can only imagine how fun it is to take! It’s amazing to see all the unique and creative transformations the pieces make over the week. Teacher Kathy Stewart does a great job of encouraging campers to let their personalities come out in their art. Not only do students learn the process of redoing a piece of furniture but they take such pride in their work!” — Lindsey M., program specialist 

Camp #310, Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse with “Brainz” If I could take a camp, it would be this one. First, it takes place during International Week, which means I’d get to meet students from Japan and make new friendships. Second, the teachers are Bright Lights legends … the Clayburn family. And finally, after watching fictional movies and TV shows about surviving in a zombie-infested world, I think this camp could give me the basic knowledge needed to live a little longer (or at the very least be able to build a pretty cool Super Slinger for defense!).”– Renee, executive director 

Camp #314, Jewelry Design Academy— “I would love to take the jewelry camp because it is fun and creative, and you also get to take home several pieces of one-of-a-kind jewelry when you are done!” — Kristi, registration specialist  

Camp #128, Uke Can Do It— “My daughter was in the ukulele club at her school and I think it would be fun to learn to play myself!” –Wendy, financial/admin specialist 

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